SECON New Jersey 2024 - Securing the Connected World

This Special Edition of our newsletter is to encourage you to attend this unique conference, as more than half of the speakers are members from the NJ ISC2 or ISACA chapters, as well as students from Kean University. While this event is hybrid, we strongly encourage you to attend this event if you live locally. (Details of this conference can be found in the next section.)

This event would not be possible without the partnerships of ISC2 New Jersey Chapter, ISACA New Jersey Chapter, Kean University, and all of our sponsors!

We'd like to give a special thanks to our amazing SECON NJ 2024 Organizing Committee!
Adam Shuren, Aneta Klepacka, Anicee Monfleury, Albert Park, Bryon Singh, Tran Cheung, John Linkowsky, Fritzgerald Alexis, Gillian Deak, Angelo Garcia, KC Udoh, Kerwyn Velasco, Krishna K Nekkalapudi, Mark Schleisner, Sharon Kelley, Nancy Jean-Charles, Pavan Nallamothu, Pradeep Nerupati, Sammy Cordero, Sanina Shen, Sanjeev Kale, William D'Alia, Marie Ivanov, Jose Lagdameo and Ken Fishkin.

A BIG thank you to Bryon Singh, Sunil Agarwal, Patricia Guroff, and Aaron Kraus for their support in making this special newsletter edition possible.

SECON NJ 2024 Committee  


Keynote Speakers


Career Coaches

Speaker - Students

Matthew Fernandez, Pavan Nallamothu, and Pradeep Nerupati

Matthew Fernandez - Matthew is a recent MS graduate in Computer and Informational Sciences at Kean University. He comes from a fine arts background and has professional experience in retail sales and customer service. He is searching for a full-time position in either cybersecurity operations, sales engineering, or quality assurance.

Pavan Nallamothu - Pavan is a dedicated cybersecurity professional currently pursuing a Master’s in Cybersecurity at Pace University, New York. With over five years of experience in network infrastructure, cloud services, and cybersecurity, Pavan has adeptly developed and managed robust server infrastructures across both AWS and Azure platforms. His expertise in implementing cloud solutions and utilizing scripting languages for task automation and server management has significantly bolstered organizational digital security.

Pradeep Nerupati - Pradeep is an experienced Cyber Security Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the Cybersecurity and services industry. Pradeep is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Cybersecurity and Privacy at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Pradeep holds the following certifications: CNSS, CEH, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA CySA+, CompTIA CSAP and Google Cloud ACE.

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