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Welcome to the (ISC)² New Jersey Chapter's May 2023 issue!

Our goal is to provide the cybersecurity community with monthly New Jersey Chapter news, upcoming events and initiatives, and timely and relevant articles from our dedicated member volunteers.

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Newsletter Committee

Tran Cheung, Andrew Haratine, Andrew Wong, and Derek Allen  

Ken's Korner

Message from the President

Words cannot express how I feel about the exponential growth and sense of accomplishment that our Chapter is experiencing right now. We are quickly approaching 500 members now and just held an amazing conference at Kean University. I am so proud of everyone that has contributed to making this chapter into what it is today.

If you haven't had the chance to volunteer for one of our events or programs, I highly recommend you try it. It is such a rewarding experience to be part of a team that is helping the greater community. Please reach out to me if you are interested in getting more involved with our chapter.

Ken Fishkin  

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome new members of 2024 (ISC)² New Jersey Chapter Board

Please join us in celebrating our newest members of 2024 (ISC)² New Jersey Chapter Board:

Bryon Singh - Communications Co-Chair
Marie Ivanov - Communications Co-Chair
Adam Shuren - Mentorship Co-Chair

These volunteers have proven their commitment to our Chapter's mission and we are excited to be working with them in their new roles.

ISC2 NJ Chapter  

Welcome New and Renewed Chapter Members!

Nathan Cooper, Mayur Rele, Preethi Amurthur, Michaela Gasbarro, Aaron Ferraro, Jason Heap, Leanne Kirkham, Alessandra Perotti, Patrick Park, Sadia Sehil, Martin Appelson, Christopher Hernandez, Paul Interval, Bernice Thor, Bryan Hubbard, Saleem Shareef, Sammy Cordero, Leon Ferri, Tatiana Edwards, KC Udoh and Danny Taub.

Note for all potential members: Click here to watch a special video from our Welcoming Committee. In this video, they discuss why they love being a member of our chapter. Special thanks to Sammi Fishkin for producing this video!

ISC2 NJ Chapter  

Upcoming Events

July 2023 Monthly Meeting

Date: Thursday, July 27th, 2023
Time: 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Location: Virtual

Adnan Rafique - Cloud Security & Cloud Computing Career Coach and Mentor at iMentorCloud
Akhil Trivedi - Helping businesses secure their IT infrastructure and delivering IT consultancy services with the help of my team at TMedia Business Solution Pvt. Ltd

ISC2 NJ Chapter  


NJ SECON 2023 Recap

The (ISC)² New Jersey Chapter joined forces with ISACA New Jersey Chapter and Kean University to hold the best SECON conference ever on June 1st, 2023! Here were some highlights of the conference:

🔥 Sold-out event with 250 attendees in-person and 70 virtual
🔥 At least 30-40 students attended from various schools
🔥 Over 50 speakers presented (some flew in, just for this event!)
🔥 100 attendees got their headshots taken at our 1st Career Track
🔥 At least two junior-level security professionals were offered jobs
🔥 At 4pm on a beautiful day, there were still about 100 people at the conference attending sessions
🔥 The Kean University STEM building is gorgeous and their A/V team was outstanding!

This event was the work of 30+ volunteers with 6 months of planning!

Click here for preliminary photos from the conference. More to come!

SECON NJ 2023 was supported by these great Sponsors:

Gold Partner Sponsors:

IGI Cybersecurity
Marcum Technology
Grand Canyon University
Format Cyber
Berkeley Varitronics Systems

Silver Partner Sponsors:

ISG - Intelligence Service Group
Rainbow Secure
Cyber Inspired

NJ SECON 2023  

NJ SECON 2023 Feedback

Amazing feedback from many of our NJ SECON 2023 participants! Below are just a few examples.

Michael T. Geraghty, Chief Information Security Officer at State of New Jersey:

Great job in putting on the conference! By all accounts it was a success. Thank you for letting us participate. We appreciate and value your partnership!

Miguel Angulo, ISC2 NJ Chapter Member

I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible opportunity to collaborate with each of you on the planning of the career track at (ISC)² and ISACA NJ SECON 2023 held at Kean University. The event was an outstanding success, and the career track itself was nothing short of phenomenal.

Alexandra Tarabour, ISC2 NJ Chapter Member

WOW - Almost a week later and I'm still buzzing! NJ's largest Security conference was another success!
(ISC)2 New Jersey Chapter + ISACA New Jersey Chapter certainly know how to put an event together! Between opening remarks by NJ's own CISO, Michael Geraghty (who is an astounding public speaker by the way - if you have a chance to see him, certainly sign up!), followed by multiple overlapping sessions for an entire day, AND a career track which included headshots, interview skills, and resume review, a day away from the office became invaluable for many.

Jason Blanchard - Black Hills Information Security:

Thank you for inviting me back. It was a well-run conference. You have one of the most thriving (ISC)2 communities I've seen in the US.

ISC2 NJ Chapter  

Current Initiatives

Join Our Discord Server!

We now have over 270 members on our Discord Server!

By adding a Discord server to the mix of our communication tools, we now have real-time collaboration between our members 24/7.

For those members that want to communicate on a variety of topics between meetings using Discord, just send Ken an email at president@isc2chapternj.org to get the link.

The members of the Discord Committee are Bryon Singh, Tran Cheung, Giovanni Mercado, John Linkowsky , Krishna Nekkalapudi, Matthew Lang, Michael LeBlanc, Nikunj Shah, Brett Smith and Saurabh Sagdeo.

ISC2 NJ Chapter  

Interview with Oladiti Komolafe (A candidate of our Mentorship Program) by Bryon Singh

Bryon: What made you want to pursue a career in Cyber Security?

Oladiti: I was a victim of cybercrime around 2020, which got me angry and curious about how to get my money back and better protect myself online. Having done some research, I got to know more about cybersecurity and the opportunities in the field. I am someone that is drawn to helping people and I realized it is quite easy for me to make people around me aware of the dangers of not being secure online.

Bryon: What were some study methods you took to obtain your (ISC)² CC?

Oladiti: Before taking (ISC)² CC, I had been in a Cybersecurity fellowship program. I was exposed to cybersecurity courses like the CIA triad, Security Management, Network Security, Identity and Access Management, etc. I went through the Official (ISC)² Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) Self-Paced Online Training. I watched cybersecurity-related videos like CompTIA Network courses by Mike Meyers and many security courses by Mike Chapple, Lisa Bock, Sean Colins, Bruce Sinclair, etc. I went through the free CISCO Networking Academy cybersecurity course on https://skillsforall.com/ and I read cybersecurity articles, listened to cybersecurity podcasts and I mingled with (ISC)² New Jersey Chapter members.

Bryon: What would you do differently now in your preparations for future certifications?

Oladiti: One important point is the applicability of all work experience, and the theories that studied came into play while seating for the exam. Currently, I am preparing for CISSP. I now focus more on the practical applicability of the materials that I am reading.

Bryon: What are somethings you learned during the time you've spent in the (ISC)² JuMPstart Mentorship Program?

Oladiti: All my mentors Audy Bautista, Juergen Heberling, Robert V. Jones, john Linkowski, and Jose Rodriguez were willing to guide, direct and lead me. I learned that help is always there for me if I am willing to embrace it. I learned to be data-driven, while presenting reports, I must enumerate numbers/matrices for me to speak in the business language.

Discord Blog  

(ISC)² New Jersey Chapter 2023 Scholarship Winners!

Congratulations to this year's scholarship winners!

Ngozika Mba, Samantha Snellen, Fred Jefferson, Oladiti Komolafe, Greg Petrewski and Yash Kothiya

ISC2 NJ Chapter  

Educational Training

Upcoming Presenters

Alex Perotti


Alex recently transitioned to information security from a non-technical career working in digital communications and design in nonprofit organizations. During her day-to-day job as an OSINT Specialist, she helps conduct vulnerability assessments, OSINT investigations, and build automation tooling with python. In her free time, she loves to analyze and reverse engineer malware samples, investigate malicious C2 infrastructure using OSINT tools, and to research the latest attack chains.

ISC2 NJ Chapter  

Board of Directors

(ISC)² New Jersey Chapter 2023 Board of Directors

Ken Fishkin

Mallik Prasad

Priyanka De Abrew

Education Director:
Jose Lagdameo

Membership Chair:
John Manley

Communications Chair:
Tran Cheung

Mentorship Chair:
Matthew Lang

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