Editor-in-Chief: Tran Cheung

Editor's Notes for Issue #8

Welcome to our monthly (ISC)² NJ Chapter May 2021 Issue!
We hope you enjoy reading this publication and invite you to send any comments to communications@isc2chapternj.org.

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Ken's Korner

Message From The President

Hi Everyone!

What an exciting month we had! We had our first virtual SECON 2021 conference and started our first mentorship program with IQ4!

Please read our recap below to learn more about the conference and to download the presentation materials.

For those that want to learn more about our mentorship program with IQ4, click here.

I want to thank everyone who attended the conference for making this unique event a hit. It was a great collaboration between the NJ Chapters of (ISC)² and ISACA. This event would not have been possible without the assistance of our many volunteers, sponsors and presenters.

I'd like to give special thanks to our volunteers:

Marcelo Ignacio, Keith Murillo-Stasiak, Ralph Migliore, Déja Santana, Andrew Wong and Andrew Haratine

Virtual Conference Designers:
John Manley and Pavel Lekhanov

SECON 2021 Committee:
Bob Henderson, Peter Koenig, Mallik Prasad, John Manley, Priyanka De Abrew, Bill D'Alia, Patricia Loud, Carl Neumann, Tran Cheung and Jose Lagdameo Jr.

ISC2 NJ Chapter  

Upcoming Events

July 2021 Meeting Agenda

NJ Chapter July 2021 Meeting will be held on Thursday, 7/29/2021.


Mike Wilkes – Chief Information Security Officer / Adjunct Professor - Security Scorecard
Fernando Leitao – Director at Mastercard Data & Services – Risk management quantification

ISC2 NJ Chapter  

August 2021 Meeting Agenda

NJ Chapter August 2021 Meeting will be held on Thursday, 8/26/2021.


Joseph Perry - Director Of Education at Tetra Defense

If you are interested in presenting at this meeting, please reach out to Ken at president@isc2chapternj.org.

ISC2 NJ Chapter  

September 2021 Meeting Agenda

NJ Chapter September 2021 Meeting will be held on Thursday, 9/30/2021.


Raymond Blaine – Director of Cyber Research Center for West Point
Incident Response Workshop – Conducted by Boston Consulting Group

ISC2 NJ Chapter  

Upcoming Presenters

SECON 2021