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Welcome to the (ISC)² New Jersey Chapter's June 2023 issue!

Happy summer and welcome to the (ISC)² New Jersey Chapter's June 2023 issue!

Our goal is to provide the cybersecurity community with monthly New Jersey Chapter news, upcoming events and initiatives, and timely and relevant articles from our dedicated member volunteers.

Special shout-out to Derek Allen for putting this issue together!

We invite you to send any comments or suggestions to communications@isc2chapternj.org.

Newsletter Committee

Tran Cheung, Andrew Haratine, Andrew Wong, and Derek Allen  

Ken's Korner

Message from the President

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves this 4th of July weekend! In between relaxing this weekend, our volunteers will be planning our upcoming events for this year and next.

Thanks to Tran and her amazing Business Intelligence skills, the above map depicts our chapter's continued growth throughout the country. We also have a few international members from the UK, India and Jamaica, as well!

Hope you are having a great summer!


Ken Fishkin  

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome New Chapter Members!

Mary Gardner, Thomas Costello, Piere Depass, Mohammed Saleh, Mauricio Troche, Scott Bunting, Baba Gurjeet Bedi and Russ Issacs.

Note for all potential members: Click here to watch a special video from our Welcoming Committee. In this video, they discuss why they love being a member of our chapter. Special thanks to Sammi Fishkin for producing this video!

ISC2 NJ Chapter  

Upcoming Events

August 2023 Monthly Meeting

There will be no chapter meeting for the month of August.

ISC2 NJ Chapter  

Member Bios

Current Initiatives

Join Our Discord Server!

We now have over 270 members on our Discord Server!

By adding a Discord server to the mix of our communication tools, we now have real-time collaboration between our members 24/7.

For those members that want to communicate on a variety of topics between meetings using Discord, just send Ken an email at president@isc2chapternj.org to get the link.

The members of the Discord Committee are Bryon Singh, Tran Cheung, Giovanni Mercado, John Linkowsky , Krishna Nekkalapudi, Matthew Lang, Michael LeBlanc, Nikunj Shah, Brett Smith and Saurabh Sagdeo.

ISC2 NJ Chapter  

Interview with Samantha Snellen (A mentee of our JuMPstart Mentorship Program) by Saurabh Sagdeo

Saurabh: Tell me about yourself?

Samantha: I am a career transitioner from a healthcare background into the cyber world. I have worked with special needs for the last 8 years and started my cyber journey this month. Coming from a non-tech background and having no one in my family in IT, (ISC)² New Jersey Chapter has played a big part in my career journey. I feel like networking with Chapter members and my passion to continuously learn has landed me in my current job as a full-time Analyst.

Saurabh: What were some of your goals for joining the JuMPstart Mentorship Program?

Samantha: I wanted to connect with mentors and have a walk-through of their daily professional life to understand what opportunities existed in Cyber and which ones would best fit me. This was a perfect 1:1 setting as I am not a social media person. I learned LinkedIn last year.

Saurabh: What study methods did you take to obtain your (ISC)² CC?

Samantha: I used various content for the exam. I studied the study guide, made my own content for the CC study group, and leveraged Udemy practice exams. I even created my own blog on Medium. I contributed to (ISC)² CC exam writing after taking their 3-day workshop and it was an amazing experience for me.

Saurabh: What are some things you learned during your time in the (ISC)² New Jersey Chapter JuMPstart Mentorship Program?

Samantha: The demo given by the mentors was really helpful in gaining insights about the job and what to expect. I want to thank Ken and my mentors in my career journey.

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Educational Training

Upcoming Presenters

Recordings and Slides From Prior Meeting

June 2023 Monthly Meeting

See below for June 2023 meeting recordings:

Max Henderson from Pondurance - Life as an Incident Responder

Alex Perotti - OSINT and Reverse Malware Analysis

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Board of Directors

(ISC)² New Jersey Chapter 2023 Board of Directors

Ken Fishkin

Mallik Prasad

Priyanka De Abrew

Education Director:
Jose Lagdameo

Membership Chair:
John Manley

Communications Chair:
Tran Cheung

Mentorship Chair:
Matthew Lang

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